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Sam Becker is a Seattle-based writer. Originally from Spokane, Washington, he is a graduate of the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University. Sam is currently a senior money and career writer at The Cheat Sheet, and his work has been published on a number of sites including USA Today, Business Insider,, and more.

Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Sam started and ran a small screen-printing business with a couple of friends for several years. His experience as an entrepreneur spurred his interest in business and financial writing, which is his current passion. He also spent a few years working in radio, at stations in Seattle and Washington D.C.


Current work

I'm currently a senior money and career writer at The Cheat Sheet. My work mostly focuses on issues and news relating to personal finance and career strategy, though I sometimes write about health, fitness, and even marijuana.

I have also had the chance to interview incredibly interesting people, including Mike Rowe, Joe Scarborough, and Tucker Max.

I work on a freelance basis from time to time, and have worked with numerous large companies, including General Motors and Fruit of the Loom, and world-renowned organizations like The Recording Academy of Arts and Sciences. 

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