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Sam's writing can be seen regularly on Stash's StashLearn site, and via the Stash app. His work has previously been featured on Business Insider, Fox Business,,,, and in Seattle Business Magazine. Sam has also worked with big-name brands as a copywriter and to develop native or sponsored ads, and to enrich their websites with captivating, inspiring text. 

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The Biggest Success in Latin Music - GRAMMY Magazine

Guided by quality leadership, strategic partnerships, and time-honored perseverance, The Latin Recording Academy's impending 20th anniversary is cause for celebration. (Fall 2016)


The Coworking Explosion - Seattle Business Magazine 

With its budding entrepreneurs and growing startups, Seattle has wholeheartedly embraced the coworking movement. More than 30 coworking sites pepper the region, providing homes to hundreds of small and growing companies that can’t afford — or simply choose to forgo — traditional office space.

The idea is simple: Open up office or creative space to people who work remotely but want to do so in an inviting and productive environment. The chemistry among members often leads to collaboration and, along with it, explosive new ideas. From the perspective of developers, it’s a new way to attract tenants who otherwise might not be able to afford office space. For those getting started in business and feeling isolated, it’s an opportunity to exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs facing similar challenges. (July 2014)


How Much do I Need to Afford the American Dream? - Money

If you’ve paid any iota of attention to the ebbs and flows of the American economy, you know that the “American Dream” — the idea that given enough hard work and dedication, you can become a self-sustaining individual with a house and family — is out of reach for most. That description of the American Dream varies from person to person, but the general idea is that you can get the basics of a happy life if you try hard enough. But as we’ve seen over the past couple of decades, it’s an ideal that simply isn’t in the cards for much of middle-class America.